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Clear Nicotine Patches

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One package of 14 - 7mg NicoDerm CQ 7mg Step 3 Nicotine Patches to Help Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking Aid. Nicotine patch helps prevent the urge to smoke and relieves the anxiety, frustration, irritability and restlessness associated with smoking cessation. Smoking cessation products that feature Extended Release SmartControl Technology to steadily deliver nicotine all day long to help manage nicotine cravings. Patches release nicotine that is absorbed through the skin for a full 16 or 24 hours. Use 7mg nicotine patch stop smoking aids after you complete Step 2 to help your quit stick. Clear patches are discreet and easy-to-apply quit smoking products. Complete the entire quit program along with behavioral support to increase your chances of success.HSA and FSA eligible product

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